Sealsq Selected to Secure Vestel?s Next Generation ?Plug & Charge? Ev Charging Stations -February 23, 2024 at 09:00 am EST


SEALSQ Corp. announced that it has been selected by VESTEL, a major global electric appliances manufacturer, to secure their latest Electric Vehicle (EV) ?Plug & Charge? Stations.

From a security standpoint, Plug & Charge process requires the EV and charging station to establish and share a secure communication link. Several required actions from both sides ensure confidentiality, data integrity, and authenticity. In practice, ISO 15118 specifies a set of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms that secure the necessary level of confidentiality and verify both the integrity and the authenticity of the data exchanged.

The implemented solution to achieve compliance with ISO15118 perfectly illustrates SEALSQ?s capability to seamlessly integrate PKI, Certified Semiconductors and Provisioning Services in a single vertical security offering: the combination involves a VAULTIC secure element, provisioned with a trusted identity that is managed through the INeS Managed PKI as-a-Service portal. The installed base of charging points is set to hit 22.8 million in 2025 according to estimates from research firm Berg Insight, which sees the market in Europe and North America dominated by private charging points. The firm expects the number of connected charging points in the two regions to reach 7.9 million in 2025.

Globally, the deployment of EV charging stations should increase at a 31% CAGR to more than 66 million units by 2030, according to the IHS. Developments continue in the charging stations that VESTEL has developed and put on the market since 2014 to ensure their compatibility with the ever-developing e-Mobility market. In this context, VESTEL integrates the necessary equipment into its products regarding data security, which has gained importance in the ISO15118 technology concept in the sector.


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