StoreDot manages to ‘winterproof’ its extreme fast-charging EV batteries


StoreDot has managed to prove that it can “winterproof” its extreme fast-charging electric vehicle batteries, new laboratory testing showed.

StoreDot is a company out of Israel that is aiming to increase fast-charging capabilities in its EV battery cells, while also increasing the overall lifecycle and promoting more groundbreaking advancements in batteries that will be used in electric cars.

StoreDot’s extreme fast charging cells avoid degradation after 1000 cycles

The company recently put its silicon battery cells to the test against cold weather, which has been one of the biggest challenges EV makers have faced in recent years. EV companies have seen their vehicles’ expected range diminish in cold weather conditions, and while some automakers have used a variety of strategies to combat this issue, it still remains prevalent.

StoreDot’s testing showed that its battery cells reached an 80 percent capacity when charged at -10ºC, or 14ºF, when charged at standard speed. However, they have also been tested to show a consistent discharge rate and an adequate driving range in these same temperatures.

In fact, the cells “delivered over 85% of their full range capacity. Even in the extreme cold of -4°F (-20°C), the cells still provided over 70% of their full range capacity,” the company said.

“Our latest tests have demonstrated that our batteries can outperform traditional cold weather range and charging limitations that often hamper electric vehicles in colder climates,” StoreDot CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf said.

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“Although all lithium-ion batteries tend to lose capacity in extreme cold, our innovative design that uses silicon-dominant anodes minimizes this loss. Our batteries deliver optimal driving range even in most extreme, subzero conditions. With our revolutionary technology drivers can now conquer winter’s toughest challenges, ensuring a smooth driving experience in any climate or conditions and eliminating winter range anxiety.”

A test from Consumer Reports from January showed that cold weather is able to essentially diminish a much higher percentage of the range than what StoreDot’s testing did.

The test from CR showed cold weather essentially deletes about 25 percent of range when driving at 70 MPH. However, in short trips in the cold that usually include frequent stops, it can be as much as 50 percent.

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StoreDot manages to ‘winterproof’ its extreme fast-charging EV batteries


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