Tata Power Hits Milestone with Over 1,000 Green EV Charging Points in Mumbai


tata power ev charging station

Tata Power has surpassed the milestone of installing over 1,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points in Mumbai, all powered by clean, green energy sources.

The company disclosed its ambitious plans to further expand its eco-friendly footprint in the state of Maharashtra by adding an additional 4,000 EV charging points in a phased manner.

Currently, Mumbai boasts more than 1,000 green charging points, with a breakdown revealing 44 public charging stations, 385 within residential complexes, 58 strategically positioned at commercial hubs such as malls, hotels, and workplaces, and 531 dedicated to fleet charging.

In a statement, Tata Power highlighted the growth of electric vehicles in Mumbai, with over 10,000 four-wheelers already on the roads, signaling a rapid adoption of e-mobility. The company emphasized its commitment to supporting this surge by spearheading the development of an extensive EV charging infrastructure throughout the city.

Tata Power’s EV charging services have already been extended to key players such as Everest and CAB-E, with prominent residential societies also benefitting from the installation of charging points.

Furthermore, in a bid to facilitate intercity travel, Tata Power has strategically placed 19 fast charging points along the Mumbai-Pune highway and an additional 26 along the Mumbai-Goa route via Pune.


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