Tesla Cybertruck draws crowds at Canadian International Auto Show


The Tesla Cybertruck has been making appearances around the world in recent weeks, seemingly drawing some pretty large and enthusiastic crowds. An auto conference kicking off in Toronto seems to be no different, with some early footage from the event showing the recently launched vehicle surrounded by dozens of people.

The 2024 Canadian International Auto Show began on Friday, and the conference’s X account has already shared some footage of the Cybertruck display, along with a surrounding crowd of people. While the footage makes the whole event look pretty busy, it’s clear that people are taking a particular interest in the Cybertruck, as multiple groups can be seen talking about and taking pictures of the stainless steel behemoth.

Along with the footage shared by the official event account, you can see what the Cybertruck display looks like in this live video footage shared by YouTube channel Johnny Strides. Johnny says he has a feeling the Tesla Cybertruck might be the most popular vehicle in the show, though there seemingly aren’t very many people at the event yet in his coverage, giving viewers a little closer look at the display.

The event, which is taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and will run through February 25, follows a number of recent Cybertruck appearances, including the Chicago Auto Show, which ends on Monday. Along with displaying the vehicle at official automotive conferences, Tesla has been touring the Cybertruck around China and Japan, and it’s been rumored that the U.S. automaker could be cooking up a future Euro-tour.

Tesla has also been displaying the Cybertruck at showrooms across the U.S. and Canada over the last few months, with the first displays popping up just weeks before the official delivery event held on November 30. The automaker is still ramping up Cybertruck production at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, though early deliveries of the vehicle have been going out over the last few months.

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Tesla Cybertruck draws crowds at Canadian International Auto Show


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