Tesla Cybertruck flipper talks the no-resale agreement and more


One of the first people to flip a Tesla Cybertruck has now been interviewed, covering subjects like the no-resale policy and how much profit they actually made in the sale.

After a Tesla Cybertruck was bought and then re-sold in the Manheim Auction for $244,500 in the past few weeks, one interviewer has tracked down John Clay Wolfe, the re-seller, for an interview. In the interview, which was conducted and shared by YouTube channel DennisCW on Saturday, Wolfe discusses the process of buying and flipping the Cybertruck and how he feels about Tesla’s no-resale policy.

Wolfe helps run the online wholesale automotive retailer, which recently re-sold the Cybertruck in the Manheim Auction to the account Porsche South Orlando. Wolfe says that to make the sale the group had to keep raising its bid offerings to original owners until they finally accepted a sale of $210,000.

He also goes on to note that the retailer purchased two Cybertrucks, quietly selling one outside the auction before the $244,500 one was sold a day later. The two also go on to discuss whether the buyer or expect to be subject to consequences from Tesla, given the seller agreement policy that says the automaker could seek relief of $50,000 or more and block the sale of Cybertrucks.

Dennis responds that he has spoken to some legal experts who say that the resale agreement may not be enforceable, though Tesla can certainly enforce the banning of individual buyers from purchasing its vehicles directly, as is also included in the sales agreement.

You can watch the full interview with the Cybertruck reseller below.

In its seller agreement, Tesla says that those who re-sell the Cybertruck within a year of taking ownership could be subject to “$50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater.”

Credit: Tesla

As noted in the agreement, Tesla’s Cybertruck is currently only being released in limited quantities as the automaker continues to ramp up production at its Gigafactory in Texas. Early deliveries have gone out over the past few months in the U.S., and one Tesla executive suggests the Cybertruck could be launched in Canada soon, too.

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Tesla Cybertruck flipper talks the no-resale agreement and more


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