Tesla employees highlight Giga Berlin’s sustainable practices


Tesla Giga Berlin took a blow earlier this week when anti-Tesla protesters took down a nearby power pylon in an alleged arson attack. The attack forced Giga Berlin to pause its vehicle production, and expectations are now high that Model Y production would resume next week. Amidst these challenges, Tesla employees in Giga Berlin are standing their ground, and executives have vowed that the facility will come back from the arson attack stronger than ever

As part of Tesla’s efforts to highlight the good that Giga Berlin has brought to the community, workers at the electric vehicle plant have shared a long list of public facts that effectively debunk an argument long held by anti-Tesla critics — that Giga Berlin brings harm to the community. As noted by the Tesla employees, the electric vehicle maker is focused on creating the most sustainable factories along with a culture to do the right thing in the community. 

Among the facts shared by Tesla employees was Giga Berlin’s per vehicle production, which only consumes 2.28 cubic meters of water, 33% less than the industry average of 3.68 cubic meters of water. The facility also recycles up to 100% of its industrial water. Apart from this, Giga Berlin has installed more than 8 MW of solar panels. Inasmuch as Tesla cleared forests to build Giga Berlin, the electric vehicle maker has replanted a good number of trees as well. 

In fact, the team noted that the afforestation for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg’s current site is even faster than the facility’s construction. The company’s efforts to plant various types of trees have also helped make Grünheide, Spreenhagen, and Gosen-Neu Zittau’s forests more diverse and more resilient. 

The Giga Berlin team also promotes a sustainable lifestyle, with 45% of employees commuting by public transport. And for those who drive electric cars, the Giga Berlin complex hosts 500 wall connectors, possibly creating the world’s largest EV charging park. Most of all, Giga Berlin helps support the community by providing stable jobs. From the 12,500 people that work in Giga Berlin today, 1,500 were previously unemployed and another 700 were long-term unemployed. 

Tesla supporter Silas Heineken, who is among the youth in the area who are very supportive of Giga Berlin, also noted that since Tesla came into Grünheide, the area has seen a lot of improvement. New restaurants and better shopping options for residents have opened up, transportation options have improved — some of which were funded by Tesla itself — and opportunities for children and young people have grown. Heineken highlighted that a lot of these community projects are not reported in the media, which is unfortunate since negative reports about Giga Berlin are quite prevalent in the media. 

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Tesla employees highlight Giga Berlin’s sustainable practices


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