Tesla Giga Berlin protestors take to treehouses to halt factory expansion


Tesla Giga Berlin protestors used treehouses to make their statements against the expansion of the company’s automotive production facility.

Tesla has been attempting to expand the factory to create more manufacturing space for a freight depot, warehouses, and a company kindergarten. However, protestors are against the idea and they are willing to stay for potentially weeks to get their point across.

According to reports, including one from the Associated Press, protestors have already established treehouses in one of the forests surrounding Gigafactory Berlin, pledging to stay for as long as it requires. Signs that read “Stop Tesla” and “Water is a Human Right” are also near the protestors and their new quarters.

It is obvious these groups are against the environmental aspect of the factory expansion, but it is incredibly ironic considering the company they are protesting is one of the most environmentally friendly when it comes to their products.

Police have decided that the protests will be allowed for the next two weeks, and on March 15, they could decide to break things up. However, it has been reported that law enforcement sees no need to interfere with what is going on currently.

Tesla is already dealing with pushback from the local water supplier, known as the Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE).

The WSE has attempted to contact Tesla and warn them about exceeding wastewater limits. However, the organization said Tesla has not made any attempts to address or resolve the issue.

Tesla Giga Berlin gets a complaint from the local water association

Tesla has confronted these issues in the past:

“Wastewater is still produced from the operation of sanitary facilities and kitchens. With the elimination of industrial wastewater, the wastewater discharged from the [Giga Berlin] is composed like typical municipal wastewater.”

Since Tesla announced Giga Berlin in late 2019, it has dealt with environmental groups pushing back against its operation. This is simply the latest chapter in what has been a consistent effort by environmentalists to derail Tesla’s European production facility.

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Tesla Giga Berlin protestors take to treehouses to halt factory expansion


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