Tesla Is Not Just an EV Company, It’s the Future Owner of the Electric Highway | by Pavle Marinkovic | Jan, 2024


What this means for your portfolio

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Tesla superchargers are the new gas stations of the EV era.

What’s the deal?

Tesla is creating a nationwide web of high-speed chargers. It’s part of their core business model. Tesla currently has more than 50,000 superchargers across major global routes and over 5,000 exclusive supercharging stations.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, believe it or not.

Tesla is trying to become the main EV charging provider in the world and from what we’re seeing, it’s on the right path.

  • They’re pairing up with gas station chains, like Buc-ee’s, to dramatically increase accessibility to their superchargers.
  • They’re building their supercharger stations at about half the cost of their competitors.
  • Several major automakers (e.g. Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche) will adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard.
  • Their superchargers are faster than the competition. It takes 15 minutes to recharge a Tesla car up to 170 miles. The competition only gets 60 miles in 30 minutes of recharging.

But the next one is the biggest development.

Tesla is close to becoming the official charging standard in North America. Their North American Charging Standard (NACS) will act essential as the universal plug for EV charging.

This is super huge, here is why:

  • This move solidifies Tesla’s position as a leader in the EV market.
  • Other major automakers like Volkswagen, Ford, and GM will adopt the NACS, which will bring a massive increase in Tesla’s Supercharger network use.
  • Every time someone charges their car, they’ll get a cut. It’s like Apple charging a 30% fee for apps on their store. They’ll be the gateway for all other players.
  • By becoming the standard, Tesla significantly expands its potential customer base beyond Tesla car owners.
  • Also, by aligning with government standards, Tesla could benefit from public funding which will expand their EV infrastructure even more. Get…


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