Tesla launches next-generation Powerwall 3 orders on its website


Tesla has officially opened orders for its next-generation Powerwall 3 battery on its website, after the company spent much of last year quietly deploying the new hardware.

You can now order a Powerwall 3 from Tesla directly through its website in the U.S., offering updated specs from the previous generation Powerwall 2. Tesla listed the specs for the updated energy storage hardware on its website in September, and it also caught the attention of CEO Elon Musk, who commented on the generation’s improvements after some Powerwall 3 installations had already been spotted.

At the time of writing, the Powerwall 3 doesn’t appear to be available in other North American markets, Canada and Mexico, nor does it appear to be available in Europe or Asia.

Still, this is the first time that it’s been possible to purchase a Powerwall 3 through the Tesla website, and it appears you can no longer purchase a Powerwall 2. Tesla also made some price cuts to the Powerwall 2 in late September, seemingly indicating that the company was preparing for the product’s official launch.

The major difference from the Powerwall 2 are that the Powerwall 3 includes a built-in solar inverter and system controller, which the previous generation did not. In addition, Tesla says the Powerwall 3 is scalable up to four units, while the Powerwall 2 is scalable up to 10 units, potentially making it a better option for large-scale commercial projects that may or may not also require the built-in solar inverter.

Users who have Powerwalls often report significant savings on utilities bills and the ability to keep the lights on during outages and other times of peak electricity demand. In some areas, solar and Powerwall owners can also participate in Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot programs, which essentially let you create massive, distributed batteries with other Powerwall owners to sell electricity back to the grid during peak-demand periods.

You can see the specs for the Powerwall 3 and last-generation Powerwall 2 below, as can be found on Tesla’s website.

Powerwall 3

Powerwall 2


Energy Capacity



13.5 kWh



13.5 kWh*


On-Grid Power


11.5 kW continuous


5 kW continuous


Backup Power


11.5 kW continuous
185 LRA motor start
Seamless backup transition
7 kW peak
106A LRA motor start
Seamless backup transition


Up to 4 units


Up to 10 units




Solar-to-grid efficiency 97.5%
6 solar inputs with Maximum
Power Point Trackers
not included


Size and Weight


43.25 in x 24 in x 7.6 in
287 lbs
45.3 in x 29.6 in x 5.75 in
251.3 lbs


Integrated inverter and system controller
-4°F to 122°F
Flood and dust resistance^
Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor
-4°F to 122°F


10 years


10 years




^Flood resistant to over 2 ft.


*See Powerwall 2 Technical Specifications for more details


Updated 4:06 pm MT: Corrected Powerwall 2 “On-Grid Power” in the chart to say 5 kW, after incorrectly writing 5 kWh.

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Tesla launches next-generation Powerwall 3 orders on its website


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