Tesla Model 3 Performance packs a new kick, leaked documents show


Tesla Model 3 Performance configuration specs for the upcoming version of the all-electric vehicle were leaked, and it appears the vehicle will be faster and more powerful than ever.

It appears the leaks came from South Korea, where we are finally getting details about the specs that the Model 3 Performance’s latest iteration could pack.

Tesla did not roll out a Performance configuration synchronously with the Rear-Wheel-Drive and Long Range Model 3 variants that hit the U.S. market recently.

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance with Ludicrous badge spotted in its full glory

However, company executives confirmed Tesla was planning to bring a Performance Model 3 back to the market, but it evidently had some serious performance changes planned.

This has become evident based on the new numbers revealed in the document leaks, which were rumoredly pushed out by a disgruntled and now-terminated Tesla employee, speed and power will be at the forefront of the new Model 3 Performance.

Horsepower Increase

According to the documents published to X, the Model 3 Performance will feature a 3D3 motor for the front and a 4D2 motor for the rear.

The 3D3 motor is also equipped on the Model 3 Long Range, and packs 212 horsepower, but the 4D2 motor is new and features 406 horsepower, up from the 298 horses offered by the 3D1 motor on the previous Performance vehicle.

This would put total horsepower at 618, an increase from the previous Model 3 Performance’s rating of 505.

These motors are also rated with 158 kW and 303 kW, respectively. The 4D2 motor will peak at 110 km/h, or just over 68 MPH. The previous motor peaked between 43 and 46 MPH.


Interestingly, the weight of the new Model 3 is the same as the previous version.

This is pretty impressive, considering Tesla is going to be able to increase the power and speed of the vehicle. It will have the same sized battery pack at 82 kWh, so the range will likely be somewhat similar, although the actual rating from the EPA could differ due to changed testing processes.

Ludicrous or No?

Those who have been waiting for the Model 3 to have a dedicated Ludicrous version will be disappointed. The documents name the new vehicle as the Model 3 Performance, and Ludicrous is not mentioned.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance packs a new kick, leaked documents show


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