Tesla Model S/X deliveries being pushed back ahead of upgrades


Tesla has pushed back delivery timelines for multiple Model S and X orders, coming ahead of new upgrades rumored to hit the sedan and SUV.

Multiple people with orders for the Model S or Model X have noticed that their delivery timelines were pushed back in recent weeks, with one user saying his Model S order is now targeting an estimated delivery between April 24 and June 19, after originally being estimated for March.

Teslascope said on Sunday that while the change didn’t appear to affect all Model S and X orders at this time, their account had been tagged and messaged by nearly a dozen people saying that theirs had been delayed by a few weeks minimum. The statement also comes just a few days after the account reported that Model S and X units will start delivering with RGB ambient lighting, a front bumper camera and other notable upgrades.

Those who are seeing their orders delayed could be set to receive the upgrades, as Teslascope explains. In addition to the ambient lighting and front bumper camera, Tesla recently began rolling out a new Model S and Model X steering yoke, featuring a highly requested center horn button, and improvements to its stitching and build quality.

Tesla launched an upgraded Model 3 refresh, dubbed “Highland” by some, in North America in January, after debuting the highly anticipated redesign in European countries, China and elsewhere last year.  The refreshed design includes a similar RGB ambient lighting to what has been reported to be included on the upcoming Model S and X vehicles. The Cybertruck also has a similar ambient lighting strip.

Previous reports have suggested that the upgraded Model 3 wasn’t the first of Tesla’s vehicles planned to get ambient lighting, with 2022 versions of the Model S and X having been equipped with wiring harnesses for the LED lighting strip.

Tesla also rolled out the ambient lighting strip in Gigafactory Shanghai-built Model Y units, though they haven’t yet been spotted on U.S.-made versions of the vehicle. While many await the expected Model Y “Juniper” refresh design, Tesla said during its 2023 earnings call that a redesigned Model Y wouldn’t be arriving in North America this year.

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Tesla Model S/X deliveries being pushed back ahead of upgrades


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