Tesla Model Y promo ends, returning price to normal levels after February discount


Tesla has ended its Model Y promotional pricing opportunity, which it launched in February, offering a $1,000 discount on the vehicle.

The Model Y is back to its normal price, which is $43,990 for the Rear-Whee-Drive configuration and $48,990 for the Long Range.

On February 10, Tesla announced that it would offer $1,000 off the Model Y for the remainder of the month in an effort to increase orders on the vehicle.

“Pricing Update — New Model Y RWD and Long Range AWD prices reduced for deliveries now through February 29,” Tesla said on the Model Y configurator. “Prices will increase by $1,000 or more on March 1.”

Tesla has cut the price of the Model Y for a limited time

However, there was a catch — it also included a message that detailed “prices will increase by $1,000 or more” on the first day of March.

That day has come, and Tesla has officially brought the prices back up to normal levels with no additional increase.

CEO Elon Musk commented on the strategy to cut prices temporarily:

“This is the essential quandary of manufacturing: factories need continuous production for efficiency, but consumer demand is seasonal.”

Tesla is using nearly any tactics necessary to spike demand and sales of its electric vehicles for the year.

During the Q4 and Full Year 2023 Earnings Call, Tesla stated there would be a “notably lower” sales growth rate for 2024 as it worked to bring its next-generation vehicle to market sometime in 2025.

The company said in the Shareholder Deck for the fourth quarter:

“Our company is currently between two major growth waves: the first one began with the global expansion of the Model 3/Y platform and the next one we believe will be initiated by the global expansion of the next-generation vehicle platform. In 2024, our vehicle volume growth rate may be notably lower than the growth rate achieved in 2023, as our teams work on the launch of the next-generation vehicle at Gigafactory Texas.”

Ideally, Tesla still expects to grow deliveries this year, just not at the rate that it did in previous years. Building the next-gen platform may require production stoppages and other delays to update factory production lines.

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Tesla Model Y promo ends, returning price to normal levels after February discount


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