Tesla Model Y was Germany’s best-selling BEV in February 2024


The Tesla Model Y is continuing its quiet conquest of Europe’s SUV and battery electric vehicle sector. In February 2024 alone, the Model Y secured its place as the best-selling SUV and battery electric vehicle (BEV) in Germany with sales of 5,408 units. 

The Model Y’s results in Germany were mentioned in a press release from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). As per the KBA, 61,925 SUVs were sold in the country in February 2024. This means that the Model Y accounted for 8.7% of Germany’s overall SUV sector last month. The Model Y’s performance in Germany’s overall SUV sector was especially impressive since SUVs comprised 28.5% of the country’s auto sales. 

The Tesla Model Y performed even better in Germany’s battery electric vehicle segment. As per the KBA, a total of 27,479 BEVs were sold in Germany last month. This means that the Model Y was able to command 19.7% of the country’s entire BEV segment in February 2024.

For context, Germany’s best-selling hybrid was the Audi A4, which sold 3,117 units last month. The country’s best-selling plug-in hybrid was the Porsche Cayenne, which sold 1,276 units. Germany’s best-selling fuel cell vehicle was the Toyota Mirai, which sold six units in February 2024. Fuel cell vehicles do not seem to be gaining prominence at all in the country, as the six Mirais that were sold in February comprised a notable 75% of Germany’s fuel cell segment. 

The Tesla Model Y is arguably the electric vehicle maker’s most conservative vehicle. Its performance is not as high as the Model S or Model X, and it is not as sleek as its sedan sibling, the Model 3. What it does have is a balanced package of price, performance, and utility that is very difficult to beat. And with Giga Berlin providing Model Y units to Europe, the all-electric crossover could quietly continue its conquest of the European SUV market. 

The KBA’s press release on its February 2024 sales can be viewed below.

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Tesla Model Y was Germany’s best-selling SUV in February 2024


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