Tesla owner shares frustrating photo taken at Supercharger station: ‘Is it not clear?’


A Tesla driver posted pics on Reddit of an infuriating experience and sparked a debate among the commenters in which they shared their differing views and experiences with their electric vehicles.

It’s not uncommon for an EV driver to pull up to a charging station just to find a gas-powered vehicle parked there. In fact, it’s not hard to find post after post on social media from frustrated EV drivers who have found themselves in that situation.

In this case, the Redditor needed to recharge their Tesla, but non-EVs blocked every single station.

This is the sort of thing that can discourage people from buying an EV.
Photo Credit: Reddit
This is the sort of thing that can discourage people from buying an EV.
Photo Credit: Reddit

In a post titled, “Is it not clear you can’t park here?” the Redditor explained that they were in the Disney area of Orlando, Florida, with 11% battery remaining when they arrived at the charging station. Several other EVs had also shown up with a low charge, so they were all forced to wait. They said there was no security patrolling the area and no tow signs.

The intention is not so much to prevent other cars from parking there as it is to provide access to charging stations for cars that can actually make use of the stations.

“Not sure I would have called a tow truck though on someone probably in one of the restaurants with their children potentially and far from home,” the Redditor wrote. “However, I wouldn’t and couldn’t stop someone else calling them.”

Each vehicle blocking a charging station could have been ticketed because it’s against the law to do so in Florida.

The Redditor ended up backing over a curb to get to one of the charging stations that was blocked.

This is the sort of thing that can discourage people from buying an EV. Replying to a comment, the original poster said their wife had exactly that reaction.

“My wife was wanting to get the [Tesla] X this summer,” they wrote, “but after last night, she said she is sticking with Hybrids from Lexus.”

Another person commented, “I really want an EV but stories like this make me hesitant because I take a lot of road trips. I hope there is some form of relief for this soon.”

Some commenters went back and forth about whether or not Tesla can take steps to stop things like this from happening.

At least one commenter, who said they’ve taken their EVs on multiple road trips, believes stories like this are overblown.

“Sure, weird s*** happens,” they commented, “but it’s less common than social media stories like this (which represents the absolute most extreme scenario) would lead you to believe.”

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