Tesla owner Sueco creates cool, impromptu track using Cybertruck Toybox


It’s always a sight to see when someone with serious talent uses a tool with mastery. This was certainly the case in a recent video that’s been posted on social media, which shows singer-songwriter Sueco creating an impromptu track in his Tesla Cybertruck.

The singer-songwriter’s Cybertruck video started off like many before it, with Sueco showing his followers on social media the different parts and features of the all-electric pickup truck, from its cool lightbar and giant windshield wiper to its motorized tonneau cover. Sueco seemed to appreciate his Cybertruck very well, as he could be seen showing off the vehicle’s features. 

Being a singer-songwriter, however, Sueco opted to do an impromptu music session using his Cybertruck’s Trax feature. Trax was added to Tesla’s Toybox during the 2019 Holiday Update, mainly as a means for drivers and passengers to have something fun to do while charging their vehicles. Being a basic Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Trax is pretty simple, and it has been dubbed as horrible and unnecessary by previous reviewers, such as YouTube musician Benn Jordan

This does not seem to be the case with Sueco, who admitted that Trax was his favorite feature on his Cybertruck. To demonstrate its capabilities, the singer-songwriter opted to create an impromptu track while inside the all-electric pickup truck. Sueco could be seen putting in the instruments for the track, and he even added his own voice through the vehicle’s microphone. 

The singer-songwriter noted that he took about 30 minutes fiddling with Trax on his Cybertruck, but the results were absolutely worth it. The artist could be seen dancing to his impromptu Cybertruck beat in the video. The results of Sueco’s quick music session were actually really good, with some social media users noting that the track did not have to go that hard. Overall, it seems like with the Cybertruck, features like Trax could be so much more — at least when they’re used by capable hands. 

Check out Sueco’s Cybertruck review in the video below. 

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Tesla owner Sueco creates cool, impromptu track using Cybertruck Toybox


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