Tesla says its standard tech can save police departments over $4,000


Tesla has said that its standard technology could save police departments over $4,000 in police equipment, as many authorities around the world have been starting to electrify their fleets.

The automaker made the statement from its North America account on X, in a repost from the Eanes Independent School District (EISD) recommending that its police department purchase nine Tesla vehicles. Tesla says the district, which recently started a multi-campus school police department for the community in Austin, Texas, could spend just $640 per year to charge the electric vehicles (EVs), while it estimates current spending of around $2,000 per year in gas for traditional police vehicles.

In addition, Tesla notes in the post that, over a 10-year period, the one-time cost of having a charging station installed combined with annual electricity costs would be cheaper than gas and oil, as is also highlighted in the department’s rationale document detailing the plans.


EISD says it has received the Tesla vehicles and it is currently in the process of outfitting them for service. The school district encompasses much of the unincorporated area around Travis County, near Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, where the Model Y and the Cybertruck are produced.

Many cities across the U.S. and beyond have begun adopting Tesla’s as police vehicles in the past few years, including a 20-vehicle Tesla fleet developed in a partnership with Unplugged Performance in South Pasadena, California. Tesla police vehicle pilots for the past few years have shown the potential for maintenance and gas savings when switching to an EV, so it’s no surprise to see many police departments going in this direction.

More recently, CEO Elon Musk also suggested that the Cybertruck would make a good police vehicle, after a department in Rosenberg, Texas, asked on X whether it should consider purchasing one.

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Tesla says its standard tech can save police departments over $4,000


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