Tesla Superchargers are latest target in Swedish labor conflict


Tesla Superchargers are now the latest target in the Swedish labor conflict as a union in charge of servicing, planning, constructing, and connecting EV chargers said it will no longer acknowledge the company’s needs beginning on March 4.

Seko, the Swedish Union for Service and Communications Employees, announced an act of solidarity with other labor unions that are currently in a conflict with Tesla over a collective bargaining agreement.

Seko said that starting March 4, it would no longer service, construct, plan, or take any other action that would keep Tesla Superchargers up and running in the country.

Credit: Tesla

“The fight that IF Metall is now taking is important for the entire Swedish collective agreement model,” Seko President Gabriella Lavecchia said in a statement to Reuters.

Other unions in the region have also taken similar steps, and unfortunately, it appears more organizations are continuing to pressure Tesla into signing a collective bargaining agreement that would cover 90 percent of all employees in Sweden.

Tesla’s conflict with these groups has included unions dealing with trash pickups, mail collection and delivery, and port operations, including the transport and delivery of Tesla vehicles. Luckily, some of the strikes have softened.

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While many of the other unions making solidarity moves against Tesla have affected the business and its operations, this move will hurt customers in the area.

Superchargers are the fastest way to gain range and are utilized by EV drivers during road trips, work commutes, and other travel. While home charging is an option, it is not the most ideal for every EV owner, and Tesla Superchargers that need maintenance or projects that aim to increase the reach of infrastructure being delayed or even ignored is a major disadvantage.

Sweden is one of the countries where Tesla allows non-Tesla EVs to utilize Superchargers, so it also affects those who drive an electric vehicle from another manufacturer.

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Tesla Superchargers are latest target in Swedish labor conflict


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