Tesla trims ‘the baby fat’ in the Model 3 update


Tesla released the new and updated Model 3 last year, and it became available in the U.S. in early 2024. One of the most noticeable updates is that of the exterior design, especially the front end, where Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen said the company “took out the baby fat.”

It is no secret the Model 3 now sports a new design that is sportier, sleeker, and slimmer than before. The front end is now more streamlined than before, and it seemed to be a concerted effort to do so, according to Von Holzhausen.

“We took out what I called the baby fat out of the front end. Slimmer headlight, puffy cheeks are gone. The full volume in the hood with the shoulders, the waist. A really slippery silhouette. It felt like a refined athlete.”

I had a chance to test drive the new Model 3 earlier this week, and I wrote a full-scale review of my experience. While the interior design has been refined slightly, the big differences are undoubtedly on the exterior, and Tesla has made a better-looking vehicle with this update.

I drove the new Tesla Model 3, here’s what got better

However, it goes past just looks, and performance is also improved.

One thing I noted in my review was the fact that the cabin noise was much quieter than the old Model 3.

“One of the other features that’s really cool on the front of the car for wind noise is this little ramp on the edge of the hood,” Lars Moravy, Tesla’s VP of Vehicle Engineering, said. “It takes the air that’s coming over the top and deflects it over the windscreen so you have a much quieter experience at high speed, and even at low speed.”

The Model 3 was in need of an overhaul because it has been a design Tesla has stuck with since 2017. Other than a slight refresh in 2020, the company has not changed anything about it, and it was time to bring forward a new generation of the car that made Tesla a full-fledged household name.

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Tesla trims ‘the baby fat’ in the Model 3 update


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