Tesla wants to open the United States’ largest charging station in Kern County


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Tesla, the ground-breaking electric vehicle company, is preparing to revolutionize the way we charge electric vehicles. The largest charging station in the United States is coming right here to Kern County.

At least that’s what industry insiders are saying via X and other social media. 

The Supercharger station would be built near Lost Hills, at the intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 46. It would be massive with more than 160 charging stalls. And the electricity would be generated largely from solar panels.

A half-dozen industry websites broke the news Tuesday, but Tesla, through its lead designer for Southern California Commercial Charging, declined comment. The Kern County Planning Department likewise had no comment.

The Lost Hills station would play a crucial role in easing range anxiety for EV owners and facilitate long-distance travel.

Nitin Patel, a Los Angeles resident who was in Bakersfield visiting his sister, was at the charging station near Hobby Lobby charging his electric Ford Mustang.

“I think it would make a big difference,” he said, “because what happens when you get there (at a charging station is all too common): Somebody’s waiting for me to finish up already. They’re already waiting. So (new charging facilities) would definitely clear that kind of backlog.

The Lost Hills facility won’t be merely the largest EV station in the U.S., it’ll be the largest  fueling station of any kind, surpassing Buc-ee’s, which opened last year near Knoxville, Tennessee with 120 gasoline pumps.

Lost Hills will surpass what is currently the nation’s largest EV charging center just up I-5 at Harris Ranch, which has 98 charging stations. Lost Hills will not be the largest EV station in the world, however. Germany has an EV station with 259 stalls, and China has one with 258. It charges more than 3,300 electric cars every day.

The Lost Hills station will also feature 16 pull-through chargers, catering to larger EVs, such as Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck, that are towing trailers.

You say you’re more a Chevy or Ford person than a Tesla fan? You’re covered. Most automakers have agreed to adapt Tesla’s proprietary North American Charging Standard charge ports for their EVs starting next year, and adapters are available for older EVs.

The exact timeline for the completion of the Supercharger station remains unclear.

Another thing that’s not clear: What will this mega-charging station do to the tiny town of Lost Hills and the commercial oasis just west of it? Only good things, most likely, but we’ll find out. 


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