Tesla will help you get your Cybertruck faster, but at a cost


Tesla is helping Cybertruck reservation holders take delivery of the pickup faster with a new referral program award, but at a cost.

Tesla is offering faster delivery of the Cybertruck with 30,000 referral credits, helping reservation holders jump the line of those who pre-ordered the truck before them.

“Redeem referral credits to accelerate your Cybertruck Delivery,” Tesla writes in the referral program description. “Be invited to configure and take delivery of your Foundation Series All-Wheel Drive or Cyberbeast within 45 days of redemption. If you miss your chance to claim, check back later–additional accelerated deliveries.”

The award sold out in a matter of hours, and Tesla could end up offering it again if it wants to push more credits out of owners’ hands.

Cybertruck reservations are extensive, and there are over 1 million people waiting for the truck, according to the company.

However, Tesla is in the production stages of the Cybertruck, and it is a different and challenging task unlike anything it has ever faced before.

It will likely take four to five years to clear out the current reservation list based on what Tesla’s capacity when production is fully ramped will be, which is roughly 200,000 to 250,000 units per year.

However, some reservation holders who might be further back in the line can move up without much of an issue as long as they have 30,000 credits to spend on the award that allows them to jump spots.

Tesla also brought back factory tours of Gigafactory Texas and Fremont, as well as a Foundation Series Cybertruck Sweepstakes that could put a pickup in your driveway for free.

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Tesla will help you get your Cybertruck faster, but at a cost


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