Trailer with Cybertrucks and other Teslas involved in accident in Colorado


A semi-truck and trailer hauling Cybertrucks and other Tesla vehicles has been involved in an accident in Colorado.

A photo posted to the Cybertruck subreddit late Monday night shows a trailer tipped over with at least two Cybertrucks and what appear to be at least two Model Y units.

The user who posted the photo said the accident took place on I-25 south of Colorado Springs, and a separate report from Southern Colorado outlet KKTV 11 said the accident took place around 7:00 p.m. outside of Fountain, Colorado between the Mesa Ridge Parkway and South Academy Boulevard exits.

You can see the photo posted on Reddit below.

“Someone’s delivery is probably delayed,” writes OP. Credit: u/hornsfan1511 | Reddit

Other users in the Reddit thread note that the truck driver clearly tied the cars down correctly, as even the part of the hauling platform that is fully tipped still holds the vehicles up and off the ground, securely fastened to the trailer.

Colorado State Patrol said that the semi-truck had been traveling Northbound on I-25, when the driver collided with a barrier on the right side of the road. The truck driver then overcorrected, drifting across the Southbound lanes and hitting a barrier on the other side. Finally, the truck collided with an oncoming Ford F-150 and a Chevy Silverado, before flipping onto its side.

The semi-truck driver and the F-150 driver were not injured, though a teen driver and his passenger in the Silverado suffered serious injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. Two additional vehicles, a Mercury Grand Marquis and a Dodge Challenger, were hit by debris following the incident, though State Patrol said the debris hadn’t come from the seven Teslas on the trailer.

“This will inquire significant clean-up,” said one person from the Fountain Fire Department.

After the accident, I-25 remained closed throughout much of the night, though it has since been re-opened.

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Trailer with Cybertrucks and other Teslas involved in accident in Colorado


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