U.S. congressman urges Pres. Biden to end EV transition goals


U.S. congressman Mike Simpson has joined nearly 140 other Representatives and Senators in urging President Joe Biden to end electric vehicle transition goals.

“The Biden administration’s radical electric vehicle policies are driving up consumer costs, hurting American jobs, and emboldening China,” Simpson wrote in a letter to the President.

“This kind of heavy-handed government intervention sets a dangerous and costly precedent, and it leaves the American people footing the bill. As Chairman of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, I was proud to author a bill that blocked this ridiculous mandate. I will continue to push back against this administration’s rush to electrify vehicles.”

The Biden Administration is on track to meet its 2030 EV sales goal

The Biden administration’s goals would require 67 percent of light-duty vehicles and 46 percent of medium-duty vehicles to be electric by 2032.

The push has resulted in an increase in EV sales and a more concentrated slice of the U.S. vehicle market being made up of electric cars.

Rep. Simpson’s press release regarding the matter included the word “radical” when speaking about the EPA policies and goals.

Meanwhile, Congressman Randy Feenstra of Iowa said President Biden’s intentions are clear and the moves to push strict EPA guidelines on people “to buy electric vehicles to advance his Green New Deal agenda than allow folks to choose the best car or truck for their families, businesses, and farms at an affordable price. This misguided decision also strengthens China while weakening our economy because the critical materials needed to manufacture electric vehicles are primarily sourced from China.”

“I encourage President Biden to rescind this proposed rule immediately and work with Republicans to lower costs for our families, farmers, and small businesses,” Rep. Feenstra said.

Similar moves have been made in other instances. In late 2022, 17 states filed a lawsuit attempting to prevent California from banning new ICE sales after 2035.

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U.S. congressman urges Pres. Biden to end EV transition goals


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