Uber and Revel partner up to offer EV drivers charging discounts


Uber Technologies and charging provider Revel have announced a new strategic partnership in which the rideshare network will financially support the latter in expanding its charging infrastructure in exchange for exclusive charging discounts for its drivers. The perks will start in New York City with plans to expand Revel chargers and discounts to other major cities across the US.

Everyone already knows Uber, so we will start with a quick refresher course on Revel. The Brooklyn-based EV charging startup was founded in 2018 and is focused on all-electric taxi fleets and the charging infrastructure necessary to support them.

The company is easily recognizable by its sky blue Tesla Model Ys and Kia Niro EVs driving around the Big Apple. In November 2022, Revel shared intentions to expand its network of fast chargers outside of New York City into other major metropolitan areas in the US.

Today, the startup has announced a unique partnership with the biggest name in rideshares, Uber, to help expedite that process in exchange for charging support for its drivers.

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Revel to offer Uber drivers 25% discount in multi-year deal

The new partners shared details of their multi-year strategic partnership this morning, in which Uber drivers gain access to Revels 250 fast chargers currently operating around New York City at a discount that varies based on a driver’s status in the network.

As part of this exclusive deal, Uber says it will provide a “financial commitment” to Revel as a utilization guarantee up to certain levels to support existing and future EV chargers in NYC. Furthermore, Uber will share its aggregated data to help the charging startup determine the best locations for future EV charging stations. Andrew Macdonald, Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations at Uber, elaborated:

Tackling urban charging deserts is an important part of building an all-electric future. Since our earliest days, Uber has proudly served underserved communities with rides and earning opportunities and we are thrilled to continue that progress in partnership with Revel to ensure the next wave of charging infrastructure in New York City serves EV drivers and city residents alike.

With the partnership in place, Uber drivers become eligible for charging rate discounts of up to 25% on Revel’s network. Those discounts are determined by a driver’s given status in Uber Pro – the rideshare company’s rewards program for drivers. Revel says the discount will apply to its per kWh retail charging rates.

Revel’s charging sites around New York City are public and available 24/7, and the startup only charges drivers for the charging itself, with no fees for access or parking, enabling Uber drivers to get in and out more quickly and get back to making money.

Revel currently operates the three largest fast charging stations in New York City but intends to extend its reach to more neighborhoods in need. Not to mention more large cities around the US. Per Revel co-founder and CEO Frank Reig:

Together, Revel and Uber are showing how to accelerate EV infrastructure in the hardest to build places, dense cities. With Uber’s guarantee of demand at our sites, we’ll be able to expand our public charging network faster first here in New York and soon in other big rideshare markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and more.

Revel is currently working on a previously announced EV charging station near LaGuardia Airport, which will include 48 fast charger piles adjacent to the area’s designated “for-hire” waiting area. When complete, it will be the largest public fast charging station by any airport in the US, and we expect to see Uber drivers taking full advantage of it in the future.

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