UK welcomes its first hydrogen-powered EV charger


Motorway services company Cairn Lodge Services has unveiled the equipment developed in partnership with GeoPura to support e-mobility adoption across the country.

Cairn Lodge Services, part of the Westmorland Family, has announced the launch of the first electric vehicle (EV) charging facility powered by hydrogen in the UK. 

The company, a family-run motorway services business, has taken a proactive step to bridge the energy grid gap by using hydrogen power and accelerate the rollout of EV charging infrastructure across the country.

Westmorland partnered with GeoPura to connect its Hydraulic Power Unit, fuelled by green hydrogen, to Westmorland EV Chargers, provided by SWARCO Smart Charging. The GeoPura HPU supplements the current grid supply and provides suitable electricity for EV charging at the service station.

“As EV adoption soars, the pressure on the electrical grid has become increasingly evident, leaving businesses like Westmorland to look for creative, sustainable alternatives until there is sufficient grid capacity.  We want to be at the forefront of this sustainable and eco-friendly EV charging revolution, providing a convenient, green charging to our customers,” said Nabil Subuh, CEO of Westmorland Family said,

This solution offers seamless scalability for off-grid EV charging in various applications, even in areas where grid upgrades are delayed or not feasible.

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