Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Climb The Famous Hell’s Revenge In Total Silence


Tesla has released an interesting video that presents its top-of-the-line Cybertruck version climbing the Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab, Utah.

The Tri-Motor Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast is known for its high-power, all-wheel drive powertrain and outstanding acceleration, but how does it fare with an off-road challenge?

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Tesla Cybertruck versions

Initially, Tesla introduced the Cybertruck with Tri-Motor and Dual-Motor all-wheel drive powertrains. Next year, the model to be available with an entry-level rear-wheel drive unit.

Well, as it turns out, the Tesla Cybertruck is quite capable and was able to successfully get to the top on stock tires, with only slight sliding along the way and mostly in total silence.

Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast Climbing Hell's Revenge
Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast Climbing Hell's Revenge

Let’s note that all-electric vehicles, due to the electric AWD, are usually very good at off-roading. The ability to seamlessly apply high torque at low speeds is a major advantage.

The Cybertruck is not the only EV that has visited Moab for some off-road challenges. In 2021, we saw the Rivian R1T climb Hells Gate.

Below the official Tesla Cybertruck video we noticed an additional one with the Cybertruck at Hell’s Revenge Hot Tub.

This also looks scary, even from the safe video perspective, but the vehicle completes it without much drama.


On the other hand, the off-roading capabilities of the Tesla Cybertruck are yet to be fully determined, as some early tests revealed issues—like the one with the direct comparison with a Subaru Crosstrek.



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